Balmaha Boulder

Visitors to Balmaha on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond can learn some interesting facts about the local area thanks to an innovative and eco-friendly audio installation gifted to the community by local resident Joe Twaddle.

Located by the boulder that forms the focal point of a rest area beside the visitor centre car park, the self-powered audio point allows visitors to select a topic of interest, turn the handle and listen to the relevant narration.

The main topic is an educational narration of the geological origins of the boulder and the surrounding area…told from the boulder’s point of view. The narration is based on a script by John Urquhart and is available in English, Gaelic, French, German and Spanish all translated and voiced by local residents and friends. The English version of the boulder story is narrated by Joe's wife Betty, the Gaelic version by Chrissie Bannerman, German by Thosten Hesse, French by Brian Prosser and Spanish by Ada Tebeni.

Other topics – scripted and narrated by local musician Dave Arcari who also produced the audio recordings for the project – include the Highland Boundary Fault, things to do in the area and information about water life in the loch.

The audio hardware was sourced via Black Box AV and installed at the boulder site by Sandy Fraser and his team of Willie Kirkland, Graham Scott and Paul Kott who have been instrumental in the overall development of the former toilet block site.

(Photographs Loch Lomond Studios)

Paul SaundersBalmaha